Nina's Garden

Late Summer/Autumn Moody Floral Collection

Simple & Earthy

Pinks, Peach, Crimson 

Sunflower Garden

Late Summer Sunflower Garden Collection

Simple & Earthy

Blue & Yellow Palette

Intoxicating Botanics


Vibrant collection of florals, movement and energy. Walking through this eclectic garden invigorates and energizes the mind, heart and soul. 

Summer of Love


Whimsical & Fluid Summer of Love Theme

Warm Late Summer Vibrant Palette

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 "Living Coral"

Jubilant Garden


Festive and Jubilant Modern Collection

Earthy Bright Palette

Modern Bauhaus

Modern take on Bauhaus Movement

Balance and Contrast

 Navy, Blues and Ballerina Pinks